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LED MR16 Series

ALT’s Asteria MR16 series guarantees outstanding efficiency and quality. Made of high density alluminum with the special design of heat dissipation system, it is praised by international award IF, M-technology, Reddot and Good Design Award. Ideal for general business and decorative lighting purpose, including shop lighting, hotel lighting, and commercial applications. You can simply install them within the showcase of a boutique or store. Also, the Asteria MR16 series can easily reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%; it will enhance your business profitability and help the environment to flourish. The Asteria MR16 series will certainly be the product to create a more beautiful and efficient world.

ALTLED -65°C (-85°F) Lighting series

The minus 65℃(85℉) lamps include Metis A55 bulb, Orion T8 tube, Asteria PAR38/30, and the Lodestar floodlight series. ALT provides a full line of indoor and outdoor products for various applications, extreme conditions, stringent requirements, etc.

Theseus Series Explosion-Proof LED lamps

ALTLED® Explosion-Proof E01 is carried with CREE-XMLchipset and available in 92W power consumption; suitable and safe for gas stations, wineries, mining areas and petroleum refineries. In these hazardous environments, the cost of maintenance is usually higher than the lamp itself, thus using a high-quality illumination system is always a top priority. With the IP68, CNS and A-tex certification, ALT has demonstrated its continuing commitment to achieving the highest level in both quality and safety standard.